zoom creep (verb);

Definition written by dpreview excerpt reads as follows: Zoom creep is the tendency for a lens to extend under its own weight when pointed downwards (or collapse when pointed upwards), and is a fairly common characteristic of superzooms. It can be a problem when carrying the camera over your shoulder with the lens hanging downwards, as having the zoom continually extend to its maximum length is not just irritating, but also makes the lens more vulnerable to being knocked and damaged. However zoom creep can also be a problem when pointing the camera either upwards or downwards when shooting, as it means that the lens can attempt to zoom under its own weight; this isn't much of a problem when shooting hand-held (simply keep hold of the zoom ring), but can become a genuine problem when shooting at slow shutter speeds with the camera on a tripod, at which point holding the zoom ring is not an option.... SOLUTION TO ZOOM CREEP....THE ORIGINAL LENS BAND™ The Original Lens Band is specifically designed to STOP ZOOM CREEP.  Our bands are made of high-grade silicone rubber which easily stretches over any sized zoom lens, to fit snugly over the zoom ring.  The Original Lens Band comes in a variety of fun colors to choose from. Visit our Online Store to find your lens.  


How Lens Band Works Step-1

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Place the Lens Band around the barrel of your zoom lens.


How Lens Band Works Step-2

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Position it over the zoom adjustment


How Lens Band Works Step-3

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When you are ready to use, simply reposition half of the Lens Band over the fixed portion of the barrel while keeping the other half on the zoom adjustment. IT'S THAT EASY.... For more information please visit